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Four Ways To Keep Your Business Cool During Air Conditioning Repair

If you own and operate a business, it is a good idea to keep your workspace cool in the hot summer months, even if the majority of your clients or consumers never physically enter your office space. When your air conditioning is down, it can make things very sticky and uncomfortable in the office. Here are four ways to keep your business/office space cool while a technician (such as one from Glendale Heating & Air Conditioning) performs air conditioning repairs.  

Close All of the Windows

This may seem counterintuitive, but in fact it prevents a lot of the humidity in the outside air from entering your space and making it less comfortable. It may be hot and stuffy indoors, but the minute you step outside you will notice a big difference between how hot and unpleasant it feels outside versus the dry heat you have indoors. When you keep the windows closed and combine this tip with the others that follow, you may find that your office space is much more comfortable than it would be with the windows wide open.

Box Fans, Ceiling Fans and Furnace Fans

If you have good air circulation via the fan system in your furance, this will keep a lot of the hot air moving, thereby cooling it somewhat. You do not have to have the furnace on; rather you just switch on the fan button on your thermostat, and the fan runs continuously, that hot indoor air moves and cools. If you do not have a fan feature or function on your office thermostat, then run all ceiling fans on high, or use box fans on high speed to keep air moving. Place these fans up high, too, because hot air rises and you will want to cool this hot air, which then forces it to sink below the hot air rising from the floor.

Dry Ice

Dry ice can be purchased in block form. Rather than melt, it tends to evaporate, slowly, in the heat. When you place the dry ice in front of a box fan, it blows all of the freezing cold, evaporated air out into the room. This is a neat trick to use when your office is especially hot, and you want to cool it quickly.

Room-Darkening Shades and LED Light Bulbs

Room-darkening shades block out the sun's rays. When the sun's rays are blocked from entering your office space and business, you can keep your office a few degrees cooler than if you had full sunlight glaring in at the windows. To boost the cooling effect of the shades and still have plenty of light to work by, use LED light bulbs in your lamps and ceiling fixtures. The LED bulbs are cool to the touch and do not create additional heat while creating lots of light.