Doing Things The Right Way

Reduce Clutter In Your Home Office This Spring

If your home office is in need of a thorough spring cleaning, but you have been putting off the task because of the fact that your office's desk drawers and shelving units are bursting at the seams with papers, magazines, and other odds and ends, use the strategies below to help you reduce clutter.

Sort Papers And Use A Shredding Service

Be honest, you are aware that the only way to achieve your cleaning goal is to dive headfirst into the situation. Set aside a day that can be dedicated to solely sorting through papers. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, turn on your favorite radio station, and get busy. Place the papers in two stacks. Designate one for documents that are important and one for papers that can be disposed of.

Do not make the mistake of placing the unwanted items inside of trash bags. Although it isn't likely that someone will sift through your trash and take papers that have sensitive information printed on them, it is not worth taking the risk.

If your social security number or credit card information winds up in the wrong hands, you may be paying a hefty price down the road. Identity theft is no laughing matter, so box up the papers you wish to dispose of and head on down to a business like SK Paper Shred that offers paper shredding services.

Papers will be shredded in a private setting and will be disposed of soon afterward. Use paper shredding from this point forward so that you do not need to worry about tossing papers into one of your trash cans. 

Discard Of Reading Materials And Opt To Read Online

If you are an avid reader and purchase a multitude of magazines to look through during your downtime, you may be satisfied with some of the material that you have read, but disgusted with the amount of space that the magazines are taking up. Choose the magazines that you would like to dispose of and donate them to your local library or give them to one of your friends.

Cancel any magazine subscriptions that you have and vow to read editorials and articles online instead. There are countless sites online that will provide you with the opportunity to read a vast range of material without needing to fork over any money. 

Sign Up For Paperless Billing

Do you dread heading to your mailbox because it is often filled with bills? Bills are a fact of life, but you do not need to be greeted with them in this manner any longer. Bills that are printed on paper can become lost among other items in your office, resulting in you forgetting to pay a bill on time or panicking because you cannot find a specific item that was mailed to you by one of your creditors.

Explore the option of paperless billing. Contact each of your creditors and inquire if they offer paperless options. If so, sign up at your earliest convenience. You will no longer be bombarded with paper bills and can easily view and manage all of your bills online.