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Gift Ideas For Adults Celebrating Their Baptism

If your friend has decided to get baptized and you want to help them celebrate with a gift but are stumped as to what is appropriate to buy, then these gift ideas will help you select just the right present:

Gift Idea: An Ornate Bible

Though your friend very likely already owns a bible they use for everyday reading and study, an ornate bible to set out on their bedside or coffee table will make a special gift. Ornate bibles have gold leaf and beautifully colored illustrations. They make nice decorations and are very practical at the same time because they are meant to be read and enjoyed.

Gift Idea: A Personalized Bible Cover

If your friend has a bible that has seen better days but they are reticent to get rid of it, then a personalized bible cover commemorating their baptismal day is a perfect solution. You can order many different styles of bible covers online made of everything from fine calf leather to contemporary fabrics. You can have the bible cover personalized with your friend's name and baptism date to make it extra special.

Gift Idea: A Simple Gold or Silver Cross

Many people who have been baptized wear a simple gold or silver cross necklace to show they are a person of faith. Even if your friend does not wear a lot of jewelry, a simple cross makes an excellent gift. 

Gift Idea: A Piece of Religious Art 

If your friend has set up a small altar in their worship room, then you can purchase a piece of religious art to set on top of it. For example, many Christian sects place icons on their altars. The icon is made of an ornate metal cover that opens to reveal a painting of Jesus Christ or another popular religious figure such as the Virgin Mary. Icons are used on altars all over the world and become family heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. 

Gift Idea: A Religious Figurine

Finally, if you are still stumped as to what to get your friend to celebrate their recent baptism, you can always buy them a special religious figurine. Artists such as Thomas Blackshear make some beautiful religious figurines that will be loved for decades to come. And, every time your friend sees it sitting on their shelf they will remember their big day and your kind gift.

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