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Time To Take The Show On The Road: How To Run An Effective Trade Show Booth

If you want to make sure that your company receives the recognition it deserves, you need to get out on the trade show circuit. One of the benefits of taking your show on the road is that it gets exposed to a wider market. However, your success at trade shows will depend on how well you market yourself within your booth. You see, it's your trade show booth that people will notice first. If your booth isn't able to grab their attention, you won't be able to make the sale – which is why you're at the trade show. To help you achieve the greatest success on the trade show circuit, here are four crucial strategies you should utilize.

Don't Get Stuck in the Corner

When it comes to trade show success, you want to make sure that your booth is visible. The best way to ensure that is to avoid being stuck in the corner somewhere, especially away from the main thoroughfares. Being stuck in a corner somewhere means that a majority of the foot traffic either won't make it anywhere near your booth or will walk right past if they do get that far. Try to rent a space that places you along the main thoroughfare of the trade show, preferably near a door.

Make Your Booth Noticeable

Now that you've snagged the perfect spot at the trade show, you want to make sure that you make your trade show booth is noticeable. Go for the bright colors that are more likely to draw attention to your area. If you're trying to lend an appearance of power and trustworthiness, choose blues and reds for your color scheme. However, if you're trying to reach a younger crowd, you should go with orange, which denotes the feeling of energy.

Avoid the Generic Gimmicks

When people go to trade shows, they want to go home with small items that remind them of what they saw. To make sure you're services are remembered long after the trade show, you'll want to choose a good gimmick. Try to choose something that ties into the services you provide. For instance, if you're a writer, consider distributing personalized bookmarks. If you're an accountant, you might want to go with personalized calculators. Regardless of what you choose, make sure that your contact information is legible. You'll want potential customers to be able to contact you.

Work in Pairs

When you're working a trade show, you'll need your booth to be open and available throughout the day. Unfortunately, you can't do that effectively if you're the only one manning the booth. To make sure you don't lose a sale, make sure you work in pairs. Bring someone along who can work the booth when you need to take a break for a couple of minutes or to jump in and assist when things get busy. A partner can also walk the trade show floor drumming up business for you.