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Why It Is So Important To Update Your HIPAA Software

HIPAA is a set of rules and regulations that keep patient data safe and secure from prying eyes; doctors, dentists, clinicians, etc. are all bound to the HIPAA policies. Violation of those policies is grounds for a lawsuit against the offending medical personnel. If you own and operate a clinic or medical office of any kind, it is important that you keep your HIPAA software up to date. Here is why:

Updated Software Equals Fewer Hacks

There is not much that is worse than having your computer system hacked, especially when you are supposed to protect your patients' information and medical rights. When your software is up to date, hackers have to step up their means of attack just to break through. Keep the hackers at bay by performing routine updates.

Updated Software Means That You Are Consistently Compliant with HIPAA

If hacking is not enough of a threat to encourage you to update your software, the fines you would receive from HIPAA regulators should be. Keeping your software updated is not difficult; the software typically reminds you when it requires updates. The updates only take a few minutes when you have really good internet speed; it can be done on each computer in the office over lunch break, when you and your staff are away from your desks anyway. This will help you to be consistently compliant with HIPAA updates without even trying!

Updating Software Means You Really Care About Patient Privacy

Medical professionals that really care about their patients do their utmost to protect their patients' private information. You cannot exactly deliver on that promise of confidentiality to your patients if your software is not current. If you are not sure that your HIPAA software is current, check with the manufacturer of the software to see which version is the most recent. Check the version number against what is installed on your computers to see if it is the same version.

If it is the same software version, you do not have to do a thing until the next update reminder. If it is not, you can open the controls and settings on the software itself and look for the "update" button. Click on that, and let the program run its course, which may include rebooting your computer.

Installing New Computers? Make Sure They Have the Correct HIPAA Software

If you install newer computers in your office, you will need to install the newest HIPAA software, too. As soon as all of the computers are online, use the HIPAA software company's website to purchase the correct software. Install it right away so that you are immediately compliant and business can operate as usual.

For more information, you can contact companies like HIPAA Solutions.