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Highlighting Jewelry in Your Showcases With Lighting

Having the right lighting in your jewelry showcases can make diamonds, gemstones, and gold shimmer. There are lots of different showcase lighting types and styles you can use to highlight special pieces or to simply bring more glitter to all of your jewelry cases. Here are just some of those options to consider.

LED Spotlights

LED spotlights look like tiny reading lamps, and they can be positioned at the front or back of the case to meet your needs. Use a single LED spotlight to highlight an expensive piece, or use these lights if you have showcases without built-in lighting. Outside of your showcase, these lights make a great addition to costume jewelry displays to give them a hint of added sparkle as well.

LED Lighting Strips

LED lighting strips offer a convenient way to give old showcases new life. These strips can be installed with brackets or adhesive, and the thin design means they work well just under the top frame of each showcase. Like other lights, they perform well when positioned at both the back and front of the display case. You can also install smaller strips vertically in the corners of your showcase for a dramatic lighting effect.

Recessed Lighting

Of course, not all of the lighting you use for your showcases needs to be internal. Recessed lighting above wall-mounted jewelry cases brings added illumination and catches the sparkle of your best pieces. Opt for lights with adjustable setups so you can change the focus of your lighting scheme to match your merchandising needs. Recessed lighting can also be installed in display windows and cabinet-style jewelry cases.

Colored LED Lights

You can bring extra attention to gemstones throughout the year by using colored LED lights. For this option, use rope lighting, which can be removed easily when it's time to take down your display. Run the lights in the corners of each case for a hint of color, and choose tones that coordinate with the gemstone theme for that month. For example, may would be a bright emerald green, while September might be sapphire blue. Use red for February to celebrate Valentine's Day, or remain true to the birthstone for that month with a purple hue.

Take stock of any showcases with lighting that needs to be replaced first, as this should be your top priority when lighting your jewelry store. Then, look for pieces you want to highlight with spotlights and determine which of these other lighting concepts work best for your jewelry store. Companies like Showcase Components have plenty of options to explore.