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3 Things You Should Know When Installing An Elevator In Your Home

Having an elevator installed in your home may seem like a novelty, but it's practical in many ways. As people age, they tend to develop mobility issues which can keep them from going up and down stairs easily. Even if you don't currently have elderly loved ones living with you, it's a concern that you may face in the future as you age. If you've considered installing an elevator in your home, you should know all the facts. Here are three things you should know about elevator installation:

1. Location

If you're in the design stage of building your home, you can ask your architect to include an elevator in their blueprints. In this case, your construction contractors can build the elevator shaft as they build the rest of your house. Think about function when choosing a location for your elevator. It should be somewhere easily accessible without being in the way. If your house is already built, you'll have to locate an area to put your new elevator, and you'll have to hire contractors to cut through your floor to create a space for an elevator shaft. Instead of going through this process, some people opt to have a freestanding elevator shaft constructed adjacent to their home, with elevator doors that open into their house.

2. Type of elevator

You'll also have to decide what type of elevator you want installed. There are three main types of elevators to choose from: cable driven elevators, hydraulic elevators, and pneumatic elevators. Each type has their own advantages and disadvantages. Cable driven elevators are the type you see most often in businesses, since they're well-suited to carrying many people. Unfortunately, they also require a lot of space, so this may not be a good option unless you intentionally build a cable driven elevator into the design of a new home. Pneumatic elevators consume less energy, so they're cheaper to operate in the long run, and hydraulic elevators are excellent space savers. 

3. Aesthetics

Once you decide what type of elevator to install in your home, you also have to consider the aesthetics of the elevator car itself. The elevator car is what you'll see day-to-day, so make sure to pick something that suits your home's overall style. Elevator cars are typically made of metal, but you can opt to have mirrors installed inside. Some people even prefer wood paneling for a classic and elegant look.