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3 Things To Know About Marijuana Legalization In Michigan

Michigan voters legalized recreational marijuana via a ballot measure. Right now, the state is working on setting the rules that will govern the legal recreational marijuana market in the state. In order to create the rules, they are looking at best practices used by other states with recreational markets, as well as studying their own implication and set-up of the medical marijuana market. The rules governing recreational marijuana are still being developed; however, much more is known about the process now.

Individual Cities & Townships Can Ban the Sale of Recreational Marijuana

With the ballot measure that passed and legalized the possession and sale of recreational marijuana, there was a provision in the bill that allowed local governments to choose to ban the sale within their city or township.

The thing is, local city councils and township boards can vote to ban the sale of recreational marijuana via a vote; they don't have to bring the matter to their citizens. This has resulted in some cities banning the recreational sale of marijuana where voters overwhelmingly supported the proposal. However, these bans could be lifted via voter efforts, or just by voting in new local lawmakers.

The Social Use of Marijuana Will Soon Be Allowed

The state of Michigan has recognized that the consumption of marijuana is not something that people only do in their homes. Thus, they are going to allow the consumption of marijuana at special events and festivals that are held in Michigan for permitted events. Just like how festivals have to go through a process in order to sell alcohol at their event, they will be able to go through a similar process to sell weed at events.

Additionally, the new rules for recreational marijuana will also allow for lounges and clubs that can operate and allow for the consumption of marijuana on the premise. However, state officials have decided that alcohol sales can't happen in the same location. Oddly enough, they have also decided that food sales are not allowed at the same location either.

The Fees Will Be Less

The state of Michigan required extremely high fees from individuals who wanted to participate in the medical marijuana program as a grower or seller. The fees exceeded that of other types of businesses, including those that sell alcohol.

However, things are going to be different in the recreational market. The fees for becoming a business owner will be lower and will be more on-par with the fees associated with opening and running other types of businesses.

When it comes to recreational marijuana in the state of Michigan, the passage of the bill to allow legal sale and possession was just the first step in a long legalization process. The exact details are still being worked out for the recreational marketplace. For more information, contact a company like New York Daily Weed Report today.