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Why Mailing Tubes Could Be The Right Packaging For Your Business

Do you own, operate, or manage a business that does a large amount of shipping? If so, you might be looking for ways to streamline this process in order to save your company money. Depending on the size and weight of what you are shipping, one possible solution could be to start using mailing tubes. Mailing containers shaped like tubes can provide your company with a variety of different benefits now and in the future. Here's why you should contact a mailing containers supplier today.

Mailing Tubes Might Cost Less to Ship Than Your Usual Boxes

Many companies choose to ship in rectangle- or square-shaped boxes. But if the item you are shipping is especially small or otherwise does not take up much room within the closed package, you could be spending extra money on shipping when you don't need to. With a mailing tube, you won't have to put in extra bubble wrap just to eliminate the extra space, and the tube itself might weigh less than the boxes you are currently sending out.

A Tube May Use Less Cardboard Than a Box

It's all relative, of course, and depends on the size of your tube and the size of your current boxes, but because mailing tubes are typically smaller in volume than a cardboard box, you'll be using less cardboard with each and every product that you ship. This can reduce your environmental footprint as a company. It's even possible to get mailing tubes crafted from recycled cardboard if you contact the right supplier.

Mailing Tubes Are Great for Documents

If all you need to ship is just a contract or other documentation that is just a few sheets of paper, do you really need an entire box for that? Documents can be rolled up to fit neatly inside a shipping tube with little to no fuss.

Mailing Tubes Stand Out From the Crowd

Mailing tubes do offer a wide range of benefits just as described, and yet they can still be a somewhat rare sight on someone's front doorstep compared with the types of packages most people receive on a daily basis. A shipping tube can help your packages stand out from the crowd. You might even be able to brand the tubes to include your company logo or colors, making an even greater visual impact.

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