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Safety Tips for Using Specialty Engine Stands

If you use an engine stand around your worksite, then it's paramount that you exercise extreme caution when transporting it around. This is especially true regarding large, heavy engines. These safety tips can help you avoid complications and stressful accidents.

Go Through Specialized Operator Training

Although engine stands don't have a lot of complex parts, it's still a good idea to go through operator training so that you can learn the fundamentals of using this specialty stand when large engines are on them. These training programs will touch on relevant operator details, such as how to properly load engines on these stands and how to move them around work sites. If you take this training seriously and learn as much as you can from it, you'll be a much more competent operator and then can avoid stressful engine stand complications.

Avoid Loose-Fitted Clothes

It may sound trivial, but the clothes you wear around an engine stand are important to consider. For example, if you had loose-fitted clothes on, then your shirt or part of your pants could get caught up in the engine stand while you're moving it. That's a recipe for a major injury. You want to avoid loose-fitted clothes at all costs because they can get you into trouble when working with engine stands. Clothing that remains close to your body is ideal and will help you avoid catching onto various parts, such as the casters that move at the bottom. 

Be Patient

Engine stands can help out a lot when it comes to moving engines around, but you still need to be very patient with every action you do with it. When you go to load, you want to do so carefully so that you can make sure the stand is lined up correctly underneath the engine. Be patient when transporting the engine on the stand as well. Go at a slow pace so that you don't accidentally shift the engine out of place or possibly cause it to topple over. These incidents would be problematic, especially if there were others around the area.

Stands that support large engines help with transportation and to use them safely, you need to review the right safety protocol for proper usage. There are a lot of resources online, specialty training programs, and professionals that you can consult with. Just know what's required from you as the operator so you can do everything by the book. For more insight, contact companies that supply CFM56 engine stands.