Doing Things The Right Way

A Cleaner Community

Trash that winds up on sidewalks or along the edges of lawns may discourage your efforts to promote a 'green' environment for your residents to reside in. Garbage removal steps that include securing cans and classifying waste may prompt people to take part in your beautification efforts.


City waste facilities often dispatch containers that are going to be used at residences and commercial facilities. An independent waste company may require clients to furnish their own cans. There are generally limits on how many gallons of trash can be thrown away at any one time. For additional waste that needs to be picked up, you may need to request the use of a large waste receptacle that is supplied through a trash company. Assess the amount of trash that needs to be cleaned up from the ground and calculate how many people live in the community.

You should determine the waste disposal needs based on the figures that you have come up with. Recycling can be picked up or you can drop it off at a facility. All of the containers that are going to be used for trash purposes can be lined up along the edge of the property and should be labeled. To complete the process, use adhesive labels to identify what type of trash will go in each container. Since hazardous waste and large, weighty items may not be accepted by a trash facility, review your trash company's terms. Items that cannot be placed inside of a waste can will need to be separated and brought to a disposal site that accepts classified items.

Baskets And Cleanup Efforts

You may want to purchase a group of baskets and a few boxes of trash bags. If anyone will be aiding you with the cleanup efforts, they can retrieve one of the baskets and walk down a sidewalk or along the road. During each stint, you may need to request that trash that is encountered is placed in a basket.

Afterward, direct everyone to return to the trash cans and to sort through the trash and bag up what is going to be picked up by a trash company or a recycling company. After the trash cans are emptied, use a water hose to rinse out the inside of each one. This will prevent odors from becoming unbearable. Once the community is cleaned up, keep the trash cans on your property and move them back to the side of the road when it is time to fill them up again.

For more information, contact a garbage removal company.