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Why Seamless Gutters Should Be Used On All New Homes

Every year newer techniques come out that make homes better and more sustainable in the future with very little extra cost on your part. Some of these inventions relate to the actual machines that put up buildings, others are focused on improving the material quality of the items you use, from the tiles on your roof to the drywall in your home. Sometimes, these improvements are for entire systems that you need to help keep your home looking as good as it does now in ten years, and that is exactly why seamless gutters are so important for new homes.

The Problem With Regular Gutters

You might not realize it, but there is a fundamental flaw with most gutter systems. Most gutter systems come in individual lengths that you must attach together to make up the proper size for the perimeter of your roof, but there is a catch. At these connective points, where simple screws and bolts hold the gutters together, there is a much higher likelihood of leakage. Screws can loosen over time, edges can erode quicker than smooth surfaces, and dirt and rocks can get into these little holes and speed up the aging process. That is why seamless gutters are superior in virtually every aspect.

Seamless Gutters

Instead of putting up with this problem and trying to simply make the edges or connective areas as small as possible, the solution is obvious: get rid of them altogether. If it was that obvious, though, engineers would have done this a long time ago. The truth is that recent upgrades in manufacturing and designing have allowed this level of personalization (after all, each seamless gutter has to be exactly matched to each building it is designed for) at a scale never seen before. Seamless gutters are only just now becoming a reality because finally, technology has reached the point that makes it so.

Benefits For Years To Come

The benefits are clear: fewer leaks, fewer maintenance appearances by your gutter contractor, and less chance of serious failures. Rainwater is directed smoothly to where you want it and with a gutter on top, the chances of branches, dirt, or grease getting caught up and entangled inside your gutters are reduced to virtually none. This is the future-proofing your home needs that will see the facade last for decades with little hint of the weather events it has been through. 

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