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What You Need To Know About Rental Properties And Lead Paint

Lead paint removal from homes or properties built before 1978 is regulated in the US, especially if you sell the house or rent the property to a third party. The federal government has set guidelines to ensure that the work is done correctly, and in most cases, that means using a certified lead remediation service to ensure all the lead paint is removed from the property. 

Lead Paint Concerns

In most homes that still have lead paint, problems start with the paint being disturbed. Something as simple as a deep scratch or gauge in the paint around the window sill inside the home can allow exposure to the lead in the paint. 

If you have small children that may be exposed to the lead, the risk becomes extreme, and it is vital that the lead paint is removed. If you are renting a property, the responsibility for removing the lead paint from the property falls to the landlord, and painting over the existing paint is not enough to protect the occupants of the home. 

In order to comply with federal guidelines, the lead paint must be removed entirely, and a non-toxic interior paint applied to restore the look of the wood inside the home. While many property owners assume they can do the work themselves, landlords can not remove the lead paint unless they are federally certified to do so after attending training and getting a landlord lead paint safety certificate.

Lead-Free Certification

if you are renting in an older building, take the time to ask the landlord if the building has undergone lead remediation and, if so, who did the work. If you want to see the certification issued by the lead remediation service, you can ask for it. However, if the owner has undergone the federal remediation training, they may hold a landlord lead paint safety certificate that allows them to certify the property themselves and holds the property owner to the same standard as the professional remediation service doing the same work.

Often the time required for the certification is well spent for a landlord with several older properties because it allows them to remove the old paint, apply new paint to the area, and have a lead paint inspection done to ensure that the property is safe. A landlord that has taken the time to get the training and make the repairs will not mind you asking about the lead paint remediation and may even go over the areas that were a problem and tell you what was done to remedy the issues. 

Renters have the right to ask about lead paint or other materials that could be a concern. If you are considering renting in an older building, it is a good idea to check to ensure the home you are moving into is safe for you and your family to live in.