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How To Prepare For A New Well On Your Property

If you have been thinking about separating your home from the city water infrastructure, you might be considering having a well drilled on your property. If so, preparation is a key factor in the success of the well. You need to consider a few key elements to be sure that you end up with a well that will work for your needs.

The Geological Makeup Of Your Property

Every area has unique features to the soil, whether it's layers of slate, clay, or other components. These layers can affect the water table accessibility and location, so it's important that you talk with a well drilling contractor about it. They will test the soil on your property and evaluate the testing and drilling details for any other local wells that were drilled. This helps you determine the best possible approach and location for the well that you need.

The Safety Or Contamination Of The Water Table

Water testing is an essential part of the planning process to drill a well. You need to be sure that the water on your property is safe for you to use and consume. Your well drilling contractor will take water samples to ensure that the water on your property is safe, and this will also tell you whether or not your well needs to be sanitized or otherwise treated. This is an important step because runoff from nearby farms and even from the roadway can lead to contamination of the water table.

The Necessary Depth

Before your well drilling contractor starts actually drilling your well, he or she will need to arrive at an estimate for the depth of your well. This estimate will typically be based on the depth of nearby wells as well as the test of the water table and your family's water consumption. Your well depth could ultimately be several hundred feet if necessary for a reasonable aquifer.

Position Of The Well

Finally, you need to consider the placement of the well. Have the well itself drilled somewhere uphill from the house so that when the pump draws water up, gravity helps that water feed into your house. 

The more you understand about well drilling and placement, the easier it is for you to decide if it's the right option for your property and where to place that well. Talk with a well drilling contractor near you today for more information and a property evaluation.