Doing Things The Right Way

Regulate Energy Consumption

An analysis of your commercial building's thermal envelope, plus an inspection of the business equipment that uses electricity, may prompt you to make improvements that will regulate how much energy is consumed. Use the tips below to get started.

Rate Reviews

Many electric customers pay their monthly bills without taking notice of how much energy they are consuming on a regular basis. Being mindful of discrepancies in the billable amount can help you get a better handle on how much energy is being used at your business during each season.

For instance, if you notice a rate increase, it could be due to colder temperatures and the amount of heat that is used to keep your business warm. Even if a rate hike seems logical, it is still best to look further into the reason as to why the price has fluctuated. 

An Assessment

Inadequate amounts of insulation and the use of older equipment could cause energy rates to rise. Your electric company may offer onsite consultations. If so, a service provider can be scheduled to come out to your place of business. They may perform an assessment of your commercial building's structure first. This assessment will determine how well-insulated the structure is.

A service provider will also assess the electrical equipment onsite. Simple tasks such as cleaning equipment on a routine basis can make the equipment more energy efficient. Take note of the suggestions that a service provider relays to you. 

Equipment Upgrades

If you are using machinery that consumes a lot of energy, you could be wasting a considerable amount of money when you power up the equipment. Old, outdated machinery may not be as efficient as modern equipment. An electric service provider can guide you in choosing newer equipment that will not drive up energy costs.

A side-by-side energy consumption comparison of various types of equipment may indicate how much energy you can save by using more modern machines.

Lighting Modifications

You could save some money by purchasing energy-efficient bulbs and other lighting accessories that can be used within your business. If you haven't had your lighting updated in a while, consider having this type of modification completed.

Choosing to have LED lighting installed in your business can reduce energy costs. Investing in LED products may also prevent the need to perform maintenance to your lighting system for a longer length of time than what you are accustomed to. LED products last for a long duration, plus don't require much upkeep.

For more information on business energy rates, contact a local professional.